When art and eyewear meet…

We are looking for 50 exclusive stockists nationwide to be a part of a visionary journey… when art and eyewear meet.

Embrace the artistic allure of the Yiull eyewear collection with our enticing launch offer.

Yiull been an artist for most of my life. This mostly rule-free industry and lifestyle has allowed him to venture down all kinds of fascinating paths, from fashion, industrial design to travel and film. His latest adventure is diving into the world of eyewear.

Yiull first serious pair of sunglasses were the blacked-out version of Peter Fonda’s glasses in the movie “Easy Rider”, they were very cool, and he was constantly asked where he bought them from. He loved them and they lasted him for 7 years of daily use and abuse.

Yiull artwork has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Corriere Della Serra, BBC, CNN, France 24 amongst others as well as the focus of 3 short television documentaries.

The art behind the eyewear

The Yiull sunwear collection offers organic CR39 sun-lenses with 100% UVA & UVB protection, with 85 – 100% blue-light absorption with the added feature of back surface blue/purple anti-reflective coating, enhancing the performance of these high quality sun-lenses. Available in a wide variety of colours and intensity to suit your mood and needs.

The Artist behind the collection

Yiull Damaso is an exceptional artist whose creative journey knows no bounds. With a lifelong devotion to artistry, Yiull fearlessly explores captivating paths, defying the constraints of traditional norms.

Yiull Damaso is well known for his multiple Nelson Mandela portrait series. The first to stir controversy was the ‘Dreaded Madiba’ and the most noteworthy was his critically acclaimed work titled ‘The Night Watch!’ which was exhibited at Constitution Hill.

Now, driven by an unwavering excitement, Yiull channels his boundless creativity into the realm of eyewear. Each design becomes a canvas for his distinctive vision, inviting you on a remarkable journey. Prepare to be captivated as Yiull merges his extraordinary talent with the world of eyewear, leaving an indelible impression on all who dare to embrace his art.

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